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Science & Hi Tech: Gamesa Launches its Components Reconditioning Services Business in Europe

Posted on 04.05.2012 - 07:50 EDT in SCIENCE & TECH NEWS by ginamc

GamesaGamesa has launched its major turbine components (gearbox, generator and blade) reconditioning services business. 

This new service, which the company already provides to Spain's leading utilities and IPP's, extends the useful life of wind turbines and lowers operation and maintenance (O&M) costs by upgrading and replacing internal turbine parts with the most up-to-date technologies. Gamesa offers other advantages in the area of reconditioning major components: optimising response times, thanks to the availability of replacement parts in stock for a range of major component models; moreover, its Mega and CMS solutions enable the company to anticipate and schedule needed major corrective work during low-wind periods. Similarly, customers of Gamesa's O&M services can track the diagnostics and status of their machines' reconditioning processes.

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