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Inspection: AC-CESS Grows It´s AC-ROV Operators Network

Posted on 22.07.2005 - 01:04 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Topside) by admin

Never a company to let time of operation get in the way of progressive thinking and meeting industry requirements, AC-CESS Co UK Ltd the company that brought the revolutionary micro inspection ROV the AC-ROV to the marketplace has the great pleasure of unveiling its new inspection service to the UK market.  With the finalisation of full operating and support agreements with two newly formed, but highly experienced underwater inspection companies, AC-CESS has taken a great step in giving companies with a submersed inspection need what they need:

A quick response, experienced, mobile and versatile inspection capability that utilises fully supported cutting edge ROV technology.

What’s required? – a telephone call.

What’s the cost? – a fraction of diver operations, minimal time scale, minimal site disruption.

What’s the benefit? – market leading AC-ROV enables never before close in mobile ‘capture’ of target image – 190mm pipe fly through and AC-ROV complete freedom movement gives unparalleled access to confined environments.

Stuart McCall & Navigation Engineering Services Ltd

Stuart comes from a background as a system design and support engineer in the hydrographic inshore and offshore survey industry, involved in oil and gas and Civil engineering. He has a wealth of experience gathered over a period of 28 years in the needs, wants and requirements of these industries.

Working in the North Sea and other locations around the world including China, North America, Australia and Singapore has honed his understanding of the problems and solutions involved in operating in difficult environments and situations.

Having a mostly “hands on” approach he has built a knowledge of the mechanical/electrical methods of dealing with the design and operation of many problem solving components and systems needed to provide easy solutions in harsh environments.

With all his experience telling him that the AC-CESS AC-ROV is the ideal underwater micro inspection vehicle, Stuart purchased the AC-ROV with the sole aim of forming a business providing a mobile, fast and low cost method to inspect underwater structures and targets. Targeting a growth in the requirement for a quick response, man with system underwater inspection service, he has position the business as a Aberdeen based, UK wide inspection service consisting of a van, operator/driver, ROV and recording devices such as a “black box” VCR a client record/copy VCR and /or a DVD recorder.  Stuart is available at short notice to travel to the job site and complete the task.

Naming the company “Navigation Engineering Services Ltd”, he will operate this service along with other remote systems currently in development, such as a semi autonomous remote controlled surface hydrographic survey vessel, 4 foot/1200mm long and easily portable with one person operation. This system will quickly calculate the volume of lakes and inshore water ways and provide a “picture” or shape of the bed of the water way. Very suitable for a fast pre and post dredge survey of harbours and estuaries, it is seen that these systems will be used together to provide a “complete” service in surveying and inspecting water areas.


Jon founded SUB C.I. upon leaving the services, having spent several years in the armed forces conducting diving and boating operations in some particularly unpleasant situations and locations.  Having decided to hang up the diving gear, Jon started to look for an area he could bring his expertise to - accordingly he developed an interest in ROV operations. Recognising the advantages and benefits of current advancements, materials and technologies it seemed a logical direction for him to take.

Launching SUB C.I. was conveniently timed with the release of the breakthrough AC-ROV SP50 - SUB C.I. was able to purchase the latest in micro ROV technology and along with Stuart be the first inspection company armed with this market leading submersible inspection system.

After a period of training and set-up, SUB C.I. is now able to provide a cost effective inspection service.  Although mainly aimed at the Mariners, Marinas and other associated Marine Industries along the English south coast, SUB C.I. are able to deploy quickly and at short notice to most inland and inshore waters of the UK.

SUB C.I. has a very simple aim: to provide a convenient and cost effective solution to any sub surface investigation or survey, for any person or organisation that has the need to obtain sub surface information or images in either a salt or freshwater environment.

From static tank inspections and hull inspections to internal pipeline surveys, we aim to provide a service that is rapid and simple to deploy. Cost effective to the customer, as it is a relatively small operation, and returning clear and concise images and information from beneath the surface.

Sub C.I. and Navigation Engineering Services Ltd are AC-CESS approved AC-ROV operating companies, both full supported and back up by AC-CESS and their parent company All Oceans Engineering Ltd.

For full AC-ROV specification and applications please view For expert underwater inspection services please view For expert underwater inspection services please view

AC-CESS – Engineering With Pedigree.

Source: AC-CESS Co UK Ltd

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