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Bowtech launches new Mini HD/SD CVIS

Posted on 21.11.2011 - 13:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Bowtech launches new Mini HD/SD CVISBowtech have supplied our first miniature High Definition Compact Video Inspection System (Mini HD/SD CVIS) to U-Boat Worx, a manufacturer of leisure submarines in The Netherlands.

Based on our highly popular CVIS-3 but occupying almost 70% less volume and weighing approximately 65% less, the unit controls a Surveyor HD camera and Pan & Tilt unit. The Mini HD CVIS was specifically designed to meet the customers requirements to be:

  • Small (330mm x 234 mm x 152mm)
    Volume reduced by almost 70% of our standard CVIS
  • Lightweight (approx 6 kgs)
    ~65% lighter than our standard CVIS
  • Easy to use
    bowtech_mini_hd_cvis_and_cameraControls Zoom, Focus and Iris functions of the camera as well as Pan & Tilt axis of the unit and intensity of underwater lamp(s) (if included)
  • HD video display
    Incorporating a compact state-of-the-art 6" HD monitor
  • Fibre Optic video transmission
    The system utilised fibre optic video transmission between camera and controller

The above system was designed to customer specifications, the following options are also available:

  • HD Recorder
  • 3D HD Camera and Recorder (viewing with Head Mount Display or External Monitor)
  • LED or Incandescent Underwater Lamp
  • HD Video formats: HD-SDI (to 50m), Component (to 300m) or HD-SDI over Fibre
  • Diver Pistol Grip
  • Helmet Mounting Kit
  • Cable Reeler
  • Video Overlay

U-Boat Worx submersibles are the most advanced private submarines ever built and have set the standards for 21st century underwater exploration. The system was fitted to a C-Quester Type 3 Submersible.

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