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MMT buys Neptune 5000 CPT

Posted on 07.11.2011 - 11:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

MMT buys Neptune 5000 CPTHaving worked extensively with CPT testing on rental equipment for the past 6 years, MMT is proud to announce ownership of a Neptune 5000 CPT. By owning a CPT, MMT has increased its availability of a geotechnical survey spread.

The Neptune 5000 CPT is a heavy duty CPT that allows up to 20m in push depth. This highly advanced equipment is designed for thrusting 5 cm² or 10 cm² Digital Cones. The unit can thrust up to a maximum of 70 MPa and has a depth rating of 3000 meters. This is an excellent tool for investigating seabed conditions prior to seabed installations such as pipelines, power cables and underwater constructions. The measurements comprise of penetration depths, cone resistance, sleeve friction, pore pressure and inclination from vertical.

mmt_cptThe CPT can be used from our vessels IceBeam and Franklin as well as from chartered vessels. Over the last few years, IceBeam and Franklin have successfully performed over one thousand geotechnical samples. MMT has highly qualified personnel who are experienced in both geophysical and geotechnical surveys. We offer a set-up that allows for geophysical survey operations that are directly followed by a geotechnical survey; both of these operations can be performed from the same vessel. This set-up optimises mobilisation time and allows for swift and efficient performance throughout the operation.

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