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SeaZone expands data coverage

Posted on 19.10.2011 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeaZone expands data coverageSeaZone is significantly expanding the data available in its products, both in terms of geographical coverage and data features. Data from hydrographic offices, research institutions, private companies and NGOs throughout the world is being incorporated into the SeaZone suite of products.

SeaZone sources datasets from definitive data providers, ensuring only official and accurate information is utilised in its products.

SeaZone's flagship product, HydroSpatial, the first 'off the shelf' authoritative digital marine map, is undergoing a significant revamp. Many new themes are being added including:

  • Environment and Heritage, with data themes for habitats & biotopes, heritage & wrecks and protected site designations.
  • Tourism & Recreation, including bathing water quality data and dive sites.
  • Meteorology, Climate and Oceanography, including themes for climate change data, oceanographic data and tides & tidal currents.
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture, incorporating data such as port vessels and port vessel landings, fishing surveillance data, shellfish waters and harvesting areas.
  • Transport Routes, incorporating shipping density data and routeing chart data.

The coverage of SeaZone's TruDepth range of products is increasing too. TruDepth represents the best available and most highly detailed information on seabed elevation. It is obtained from authoritative sources, is quality controlled and re-engineered to deliver products designed for a wide range of applications.

Over 850 organisations across the oil and gas, renewable energy, conservation and public sectors use SeaZone data, software and services to help support decision making in the marine environment and coastal zone.

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