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Fugro General Robotics: Free subsea simulation software on your PC

Posted on 18.10.2011 - 10:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Fugro General Robotics: Free subsea simulation software on your PCSubsea simulation and visualisation company Fugro General Robotics Ltd is making a version of its simulation software available for free download, so you can practise doing a simulation with subsea equipment yourself.

To download the simulation viewer, go to the 'downloads' section of You will need to fill in a form to request a password.

You can use to run simulations on your own computer and view them from any angle, so you can see subsea equipment in action.

The company claims to be the world leader in developing subsea simulation products mainly for the offshore oil and gas industry. Its software is used by a number of subsea service providers including Fugro, Sonsub, DeepOcean and CTC Marine Projects.

Using the software you can design and rehearse complex offshore engineering missions, subsea interventions and marine operations.

The software aims to model hydrodynamic and physics based properties of the objects, so users can see how they will behave in the subsea environment.

'We are delighted to move to our clearer and simpler website which offers visitors a wider range of information and resources,' said Dr Jason Tisdall, Managing Director of Fugro General Robotics Ltd. 'Pleasingly this directly reflects our software in which clarity and ease of use is paramount."

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