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C & C Technologies has completed over 240,000 km of deepwater mapping - 6 times

Posted on 03.10.2011 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

C & C Technologies has completed over 240,000 km of deepwater mapping - 6 times around the worldC & C Technologies, Inc., the worldwide leader in deepwater autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) operations, announces that its AUV fleet has completed over 240,000 kilometers of deepwater mapping since beginning commercial operations in January 2001.

C & C Technologies, pioneered the world's first commercially operated AUV for oil and gas exploration, setting the standard in deepwater AUV capability. C & C continues to lead the market with its four AUVs. C & C's 240,000 kilometer AUV distance achievement is comparable to encircling the globe six times. This AUV work was performed on 335 major projects for 64 different clients worldwide.

C & C is committed to delivering the best possible data to its clients in a timely manner. "Our in house AUV R&D capabilities allow for rapid innovation, maximum reliability and safety, and the most advanced technology," said Scott Croft, VP of Geosciences at C & C Technologies. Some of the current upgrades to C & C's AUV fleet include a dynamically focused side scan sonar with a smaller beam width and a higher cross track resolution (230 kHz vs. 120 kHz), and a subbottom profiler using lower frequency (1-6 kHz) for deeper penetration with four transmit transducers and an 8-element receiver array. Additionally, the C-SurveyorTM proprietary camera system takes flash illuminated black and white photographs of the seabed. The camera is available to take photos at fixed time intervals and each photograph has a resolution of 1360 by 1024 pixels allowing for pipeline inspection and regional ocean bottom mosaics.

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