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EIVA releases NaviModel 3.2

Posted on 29.09.2011 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

EIVA releases NaviModel 3.2EIVA released NaviModel 3.2, its DTM modeling package that now comes in a full 64 bit version. This release takes full advantage of all your hardware, including parallel processing and additional memory. This official release replaces the successful '225' released in March.

Below is a list of additions:

64 Bit
NaviModel now automatically takes advantage of all CPU's installed in your system, working in parallel where possible to improve overall performance. In 32 bit, the memory addressing is limited. Now with a 64 bit system, you will make use of additional RAM available.

Real-time Terrain Model
A connection to NaviScan can be established to build infinite DTM models online. In the 3D view you will see a point cloud containing a customized amount of incoming scans. The online DTM will update automatically, providing an updated look at your coverage. The online DTM's can be used for online QC, under keel clearance, immediate hand-out or processing to the end.

Stronger NaviEdit Connection
The NaviEdit graph displays inside NaviModel now comes with built-in editing and filtering tools. The ability to import runlines and pipetracker directly from the NaviEdit database was added.

Automatic Cleaning with S-SCAN
Filtering with S-CAN can be performed automatically during the indexing process without user interaction. This utilizes the automated data cleaning to the highest level - performance and quality in one go.

Large Scale Digitizing
Digitizing was improved to support super fast large scale profiles of entire models.

TIN Model Generation
Building a TIN model has never been easier. You can build TIN models out of digitized lines, or from other line objects. This tool is a fast way to your reference models.

Improved Eventing
The Eventing engine was almost totally rewritten to conform to a large amount of user feedback from the previous versions, which have resulted in:

  • An improved event editing window
  • The ability to edit events manually with the mouse
  • Supporting video integration with NetMC and VisualSoft
  • A direct exchange of events with VisualSoft
  • An ultimate data integration via generic import/export
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