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ROV NEWS: New ISU Plough Completes First Work for CTC Marine

Posted on 19.05.2005 - 13:26 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

 A new design ISU Plough built by SMD Hydrovision has successfully completed its first work for CTC Marine, burying an umbilical on the Venture Annabelle field development for Subsea 7.

The plough is a 150te bollard pull machine specifically designed for the burial of integrated service umbilicals (ISUs) up to 5m in bend radius to a trench depth of 1.7m.  It is based on SMDH's Heavy Duty 3m Plough (HD3) which has been extensively used in the telecoms industry.  In umbilical form the plough provides high quality, low risk protection of flexible products up to 230mm diameter in a very wide range of ground types.

The plough is able to remotely load and unload products on the seabed for post lay burial operations without the need for diver intervention.  Its performance is further enhanced with 300kW of water jetting for difficult to plough sands and a Rock Ripping System  to enable burial in fractured rock.

The plough can be further modified to accept ISU's up to 15.5m minimum bend radius.

SMD Hydrovision

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