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Advanced wide angle version of leading OE14-502 HD camera developed by Kongsberg

Posted on 13.07.2011 - 14:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Advanced wide angle version of leading OE14-502 HD camera developed by Kongsberg MaritimeUnderwater camera specialist, Kongsberg Maritime, introduces the OE14-502-WA with Wide Angle Lens Option to its market-leading camera and imaging sonar portfolio. This new version of the OE14-502 HD Camera has been developed in direct response to increased customer demand for a wide angled high definition underwater video camera for use in harsh environments for many applications including pipe surveys.

The affordable OE14-502-WA HD Camera with Wide Angle Lens Option offers an angle of view as wide as 70° in water, while retaining superb image and colour quality and none of the optical aberrations often associated with wide angle viewing. This represents a 20° increase over the 50° diagonal viewing angle of the standard OE14-502 camera.

The OE14-502 is a rugged multi standard ROV HD video camera used for a range of detailed ROV inspection and intervention tasks, including manipulator work and pipeline inspections. It offers 800 TV lines per picture height horizontal resolution, 10 x optical zoom, 4,500 metre depth rating and has multi-standard video capability with the ability to change video formats by using Remote Control (RC) or by Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Long line cable drive can be set by RC or GUI and allows the component signal to drive three matched coax cables with no degradation over two hundred metres. Colour balance can also be set to 3,200k, 6,500k, outdoor or Auto Tracking White (ATW) to match different lighting set-ups.

Kongsberg Maritime's OE14-502-WA HD Camera with Wide Angle Lens Option
The unique Kongsberg maritime IR remote Control also allows camera control configuration. Camera control can be single wire (tri-state), two wire (bi-polar), USB, RS232 and RS485.

Key Product Features

Key product features include:

• Pixel resolution 1920 x 1080
• High definition (measured horizontal resolution 800 TV lines per picture height)
• 10:1 optical zoom lens
• 50° or 70° diagonal angle of view (in water)
• Exceptional dynamic light range
• Multi-standard video formats (1080i or 720P, 50/60 Hz, composite PAL or NTSC)
• HD-SDI out coax or fibre connector options
• Long line cable drive (component)
• Single or two wire analogue or digital control (USB, RS485, RS232)
• IR remote module select and full GUI camera control
• 4,500 metre depth rating (deeper depth ratings available)
• High levels of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, over voltage and electromagnetic compatibility protection.

Pioneering Affordable Underwater HDTV Technology

David Mackay General Manager at Kongsberg Maritime Ltd comments:

"Kongsberg Maritime is the pioneer of affordable underwater HDTV technology and over the last five years has delivered a wide range of HDTV inspection systems, including the leading OE14-502 camera, to offshore oil field and scientific customers around the globe.

The original OE14-502 HD Camera was introduced three years ago and there are now over 60 units in use, in some of the most hostile underwater environments imaginable.

In this newly enhanced product we have created an affordable high definition compact colour zoom inspection camera that delivers wider vision, yet with next to no compromise to the quality of the picture. Making the angle too wide would have resulted in optical aberrations such as image distortion or resolution degradation and we were determined not to concede the level of quality offered by our previous lens. All components of the 70° wide angle lens have been developed by our experts in house to provide a consistently high quality solution - which is something our customers have come to expect from us."

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