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BlueView 2D imaging sonar reduces AUV bottom survey mission times with OIC GeoDA

Posted on 12.07.2011 - 14:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

BlueView 2D imaging sonar reduces AUV bottom survey mission times with OIC GeoDASThe newly updated P450-45 2D Imaging Sonar from BlueView Technologies the world leader in compact acoustic imaging and measurement technology, can now perform AUV side-scan sonar gap fill functions with Oceanic Imaging Consultants' (OIC) GeoDAS product line.

BlueView recently upgraded the P450-45 with improved imagery detail, and extended the optimum range by 75% to 175 m (574 ft.). OIC recently completed integration of the new upgraded BlueView P450-45 2D Imaging Sonar, providing GeoDAS users with traditional side-scan nadir gap-fill, forward-looking navigation, and obstacle avoidance capabilities. This translates to significantly reduced mission times by eliminating the overlapping runs associated with traditional AUV side-scan surveys to cover the nadir gap.

GeoDAS screen capture showing a BlueView P450-45 2D imaging Sonar used as a gap-filler for Falmouth Scientific's HMS-1400 side scan sonar system. Image courtesy of Oceanic Imaging Consultants.

"Using the BlueView forward-looker installed ahead of the side scan to fill the nadir gap gave us both an alert system to survey ahead for possible hazards while eliminating the nadir gap," stated Thomas B. Reed IV, President of Oceanic Imaging Consultants. Reed added: "By eliminating the nadir gap we would also increase survey efficiency, by guaranteeing that targets at nadir were detected, and eliminating the need to waste survey time running gap-filling lines."

"The successful integration of the new P450-45 by the OIC team demonstrates how the expanded capabilities of the new P450 Series can be leveraged into new applications like side scan gap fill. The updated P450 Series reaches a new level of real-time 2D area coverage, and opens the door to applications previously unapproachable," stated Lee Thompson, BlueView CEO/CTO.

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