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''Fu An'' completed cable repairs in Japan waters after the huge earthquake

Posted on 04.07.2011 - 11:00 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

"Fu An" completed cable repairs in Japan waters after the huge earthquakeJapan's devastating earthquake and tsunami on 11th March 2011 caused severe damage to international subsea communication lines routed along the North Eastern part of her territorial waters. This caused major disruption to internet traffic in Japan, China and the Asia Pacific Region. The damage to these communication lines can be felt through the delays in internet transmission felt across the region, affecting millions of internet users across the world.

SBSS deployed Cable Ship Fu An to assist in cable restoration works. The vessel, crewed with a highly trained cable jointing team was equipped with specialized deep water tools and cable handling equipment onboard to undertake the delicate task of retrieving and repairing the cables laid down to 7000m deep under the sea. The whole operation was taken with great care and accuracy so as not to affect the crossings of other submarine cables in service that are strewn across the seabed.

fu_anAs an added precaution to health and safety, SBSS had also employed an expert team onboard to monitor the radiation levels onboard. While working close to Japanese waters closer to the Fukushima nuclear incident, the safety of client representatives and marine crew was taken with the highest priority.

SBSS played a significant role in ensuring the swift restoration of the region's submarine network. By 14th May 2011, the Fu An had successfully completed 4 cable faults for 3 international cables helping telecom carriers in ensuring their submarine network infrastracture is restored to enable a stable and effective telecommunication network across the region.

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