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ROV NEWS: Israeli Submarine Dakar

Posted on 26.12.2003 - 06:05 EST in GENERAL NEWS by admin

Remember in our last newsletter the story about the tragic loss of the Israeli submarine Dakar on her maiden voyage in 1968, and the discovery by Nauticos Corp. 30 years later. The Dakar was...

a WWII T-class boat, built by the British and sold to the Israelis after modifications, upgrades, and sea trials. In 1968, the Dakar was en route to Haifa via Gibraltar on her maiden voyage for delivery to the operational fleet.

During this transit, communications inexplicably ceased and the submarine disappeared.

Under contract for the Israeli Navy, Nauticos ## along with subcontractors Williamson & Associates Inc. (Seattle, Washington) and Phoenix International Inc. (Landover. Maryland) ## set out to find the Dakar in May 1999.

The submarine was found badly damaged and resting at depth of 10,000 feet in the Mediterranean. As an addition to this story Silvercrest Submarines received the following letter from Stephen Donaghey.

Dear Alan

Thanks for your info and news letter. I noticed a feature on the Totem submarine, and just thought I'd let you know my father served on HMS Totem. He told me that there was a totem pole mascot, which they were never allowed to sail without, apparently bad luck.

When this sub was sold to the Israeli's we kept the totem pole, and the submarine sunk! ! Submariners are superstitious.

Just thought I would let you know.

Regards Stephen

Source: Silvercrest Submarines (UK)
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