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Ashtead Technology Offshore launches Tritech Gemini systems

Posted on 23.06.2011 - 09:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Ashtead Technology Offshore launches Tritech Gemini systemsAshtead Technology Offshore is pleased to announce the addition of both the Tritech Gemini 720i and 720id Real-time Multibeam Imaging Sonars to the sophisticated rental fleet of sonar equipment in the Gulf of Mexico. Ashtead Technology brings the new Tritech Gemini systems to the rental market in the Gulf of Mexico, Canada as well as South and Central America. Both the swallow water Tritech Gemini 720i and deep water 720id real-time imaging sonars are in the region for immediate hire.

Chris Echols, Regional Vice President for Ashtead Technology Offshore was quoted as saying: "We firmly believe the Tritech Gemini product line is a technology that will greatly enhance the ROV companies sonar capabilities performing decommissioning and IRM inspections no matter what water conditions exist. Tritech have made a solid product line for many years and this system will stand up to the challenges faced before it offshore."

Considered one of the more advanced real-time imaging sonars in the industry, the 720i, shallow water unit has been on a long term hire in the Gulf of Mexico for inspection activities with SURF Subsea onboard the SURF Challenger with other SURF contractors looking at the technology for their 2011 inspection campaigns.

David Rokohl, Project Manager for SURF Subsea states: "The Tritech 720i real time imaging sonar has allowed us to provide our clients with imagery and clarity in waters that afford little to no visibility. The user interface allows a vast range of options that allow the operator to fine tune based on working conditions in the field. Integration is fluid and its small, compact size creates a variety of mounting options in parallel to other equipment installed. Overall SURF'S experience with the Tritech Gemini 720i has been well received."

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