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Survey: New license required for HIPS and SIPS 7.1 release

Posted on 06.06.2011 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

New license required for HIPS and SIPS 7.1 releaseThe next release of HIPS and SIPS, CARIS' advanced hydrographic software solution, will require a new license string to operate. HIPS and SIPS 7.1 is scheduled for release in early May, highlights include a new 64-bit version of the software in addition to the 32-bit one. This advancement will lead to significant efficiencies when processing large volumes of multibeam sonar data.

The HIPS and SIPS 7.1 release will introduce version control licensing, with all existing subscribers automatically receiving a new license string from CARIS Customer Services by email. Subscription clients will also be able to download the license string from CARIS' Online Customer Services website. Each license will be unique and will work with HIPS and SIPS 7.1 as well as earlier versions. Those clients without current subscription will not receive a new license string for HIPS and SIPS 7.1 but will continue to be able to use older versions of the software.

The CARIS subscription program provides clients with many benefits. These include:

  • Eligibility to receive all major and minor updates
  • Direct access to CARIS expertise is available to help with a variety of queries, from application and data support to workflow and procedural questions
  • Exclusive access to the Online Customer Services website that gives subscribers access to Service Packs and Hotfixes, change lists and release announcements, and a direct link to customer services
  • Online Helpdesk support that enables customers to submit questions, receive rapid feedback on application usage and suggest future application development

If you are a current subscriber with only partial subscription support for your HIPS and SIPS licenses, or if you're a client with no subscription at all then please contact info[at]caris[dot]com for more information and make sure that your HIPS and SIPS licenses evolve with your organization.

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