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Products: Applied Acoustics launches new PAM Portable ideal for on-deck operations

Posted on 03.06.2011 - 12:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Applied Acoustics launches new PAM Portable ideal for on-deck operationsThe new 3510 PAM Portable has been specifically designed to meet the harsh operating conditions associated with offshore marine operations. Housed in a water-proof rugged enclosure with a clear LCD display and splash proof key pad, the PAM Portable is perfectly designed for operations on deck.

It is a multi-functional tool used for beacon configuration and testing, a command unit for acoustic release transponders, and has acoustic telemetry/command and control applications.

appliedacoustics_pam_portableIn addition, the 3510 PAM Portable configures the Applied Acoustics' 1000 Beacons via a serial link, is Spread Spectrum compatible and operates the new 1500 Series Acoustic Release Transponders recently introduced to satisfy the growing number of oceanographic applications.

The PAM Portable is supplied with a lightweight Test Transducer and for subsea applications such as ranging, relocation, release operation and telemetry a new 3190 Dunker Transducer, with its integral 30 meter cable and protection cage.

The portability of the unit, long battery life, intuitive key pad menu functions and its weather proof features make it a truly versatile tool, ideal for offshore use.

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