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Products: Applied Acoustics launches new S-Boom

Posted on 20.05.2011 - 11:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Applied Acoustics launches new S-BoomCapable of operating at a maximum energy setting of 1000 Joules per pulse, and firing at three pulses per second, the S-Boom has achieved penetration results of over 200mS through sand and limestone whilst delivering the high quality resolution records expected from boomer systems. The high repetition rates and pulse stability allow for faster surveying, adding to the system's overall versatility.

appliedacoustics_sboomAs with all Applied Acoustics' sub bottom systems, the S-Boom forms part of a modular package able to operate from a number of energy sources from the renowned CSP range. For optimum results, the fast charging CSP-S1200 power supply has been designed as the energy source of choice for this system, although the system can operate just as well with a source from the larger CSP-S range. Furthermore, some existing variants of the CSP-D range can also be used at lower settings and longer pulse intervals.

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