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General: Caspar Domstorff joins board of Bluestream Offshore

Posted on 19.05.2011 - 10:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Caspar Domstorff joins board of Bluestream OffshoreBluestream Offshore has announced that Caspar Domstorff is a new Shareholder in the company and will be a member of the Board. His appointment follows Bluestream's securement of multiple construction and IRM projects in the Dutch Sector.

Caspar Domstorff has over twenty-five years experience in the oil and gas, subsea and maritime industries, with prominent technical, operational and management roles in subsea and maritime companies. He will contribute entrepreneurial and business development expertise and flair, along with considerable experience of the ROV, diving and rope access capabilities at the heart of Bluestream's service offer.

As a former owner and Managing Director of the GB Diving Group of specialist subsea companies, Caspar Domstorff was at the forefront of advancements in ROV and diver-based capabilities, including the development of remote technology since mid 80's. Following the company's acquisition by SMIT International N.V. in 2007, he became the Global Salvage Director of SMIT's worldwide marine salvage division.

In February 2010, Caspar Domstorff stepped down from the company, following a takeover by Dutch dredging company Boskalis. His wish to return to more entrepreneurial roles in the oil and gas subsea industry led to his acquisition of substantial shares in Bluestream Offshore in the Netherlands.

Along with strategic, commercial and operational expertise, Caspar Domstorff will contribute technical and creative insight and maintain an independent perspective on the company's business strategy and further development. His network of businesses, background and respected position in the industry will also help to leverage Bluestream's competitive advantage on the international stage.

Bluestream's Managing Director Rolf de Vries said: "I am delighted that Caspar has joined the Board of Bluestream. His knowledge and experience of our core disciplines and the market will impact significantly as we grow and develop Bluestream's service provision."

Caspar Domstorff commented: "I have a tremendous respect for the Board of Bluestream and the company's capabilities. I am honoured, not only to have been asked to join the Board of Shareholders, but to have an active role in the day-to-day business of identifying and exploiting new opportunities for the company together with a great team of enthusiastic colleagues."

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