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Triton Perspective now features CUBE bathymetry processing

Posted on 17.05.2011 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Triton Perspective now features CUBE bathymetry processingMultibeam bathymetry processing routines in Triton Perspective now include a CUBE option.

The three images below compare simple editing, CUBE processing and a difference layer (effectively the noise removed by the CUBE processing).

Image #1 - Simple processing, rejection of outer beams (+/- 70degs) and BAD soundings only.

Image #2 - The CUBE layer (1st Hypothesis)

Image #3 - The difference between the two layers. Scaling of the difference layer is Black = 0.0m, Deep blue <0.03m, Red >5.0m

Part of the Shallow 2008 multibeam survey using Reson 7125 256beam HF sonar showing CUBE and normal processing.

Several lines from the center of the survey had noise bursts caused by rough weather, the CUBE option in Perspective is able to remove them without resorting to a time-consuming manual editing routine. The Perspective implementation allows the CUBE algorithm to run on large datasets and takes very little more time than normal processing..

This Reson 7125 survey represents around 24hrs of continuous acquisition 250 Line Km, water depth in the area of this image is approximately 15m, the total survey had a depth range from 10m > 30m.

The entire processing time was around 2Hrs from raw XTF to a CUBE DTM.

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