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Specialist Subsea Services acquires two new ROVs from Perry Slingsby

Posted on 02.05.2011 - 14:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Specialist Subsea Services acquires two new ROVs from Perry SlingsbySpecialist Subsea Services Ltd (S³), a provider of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and survey services to the international energy industry, has announced a seven figure acquisition of two new ROV systems to expand its workclass fleet.

The acquisition adds to the capacity of S³ to undertake the widest range of ROV tasks, including drill support, high quality survey works and heavy intervention tooling down to 3,000 metres.

The two Triton XLX 150hp ROV systems are advanced workclass units manufactured by Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd, one of the world's largest makers of ROV systems.

S³'s Managing Director, Graeme Kidd, said: "We are particularly enthusiastic about the acquisition as it is new and exciting technology for S3. The XLX Workclass ROV's are top of the range systems which will help to further enhance our reputation as being a company of excellence in the support of offshore operations in the oil and gas and renewables markets on an international basis.

"The S³ XLX and XLS units share a large number of proven subsystems including propulsion, power distribution, manipulator fitment, video cameras, lighting as well as Tether Management Systems (TMS) and associated deployment A-Frame and Winch combinations. This allows S³ to offer greater technical flexibility when, for example, offering dual ROV operations."

The new XLX units feature 'auto-station-keeping', high bandwidth survey multiplex and power circuit facilities, with a new 'video wall' Human-Machine Interface (HMI) combined with intuitive touch-screen operator display and integrated diagnostics system, which reduces operator fatigue and improves overall services delivery efficiency.

S³ is continually expanding the breadth of its services and expertise, and aims to build on recent success to expand further internationally, with Mediterranean and West Africa being the main focus for growth over the next year.

S³'s highly-experienced team recently completed work in the UK and internationally for companies including Interocean Marine Services Ltd and Phoenix International Inc.

Headquartered in Aberdeen, S³'s expertise includes ROV, survey, geotechnical and data management services and it recently developed its UK presence with a six-figure acquisition of geoscience consultancy Caledonian Geotech.

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