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University of Michigan orders fourth Iver2 AUV

Posted on 02.05.2011 - 11:00 EDT in AUV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

University of Michigan orders fourth Iver2 AUVOceanServer has received a fourth contract from the University of Michigan for an Iver2 EP42 equipped with Side Scan Sonar, 10 beam DVL and ADCP. Early this year, OceanServer delivered the University’s third vehicle for service in the Great Lakes.

The new vehicle will be used as part of the Great Lakes Observing System Tributary Monitoring project with funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. The project looks at monitoring five separate Areas of Concern across all five Great Lakes, using different monitoring methods. The University of Michigan's part of the project will be using the Iver2 AUV for surveying Saginaw Bay, an Area of Concern in Lake Huron. Researchers will use a Bottom Classification Software with the sonar to support an on-going study of Cladophora growth that leads to unsightly and foul smelling muck on the beaches.

The new Iver vehicle will also be used for mapping fish habitats and reefs.

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