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UTEC Survey Australia purchases R2Sonic 2024 multibeam system

Posted on 26.04.2011 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

UTEC Survey Australia purchases R2Sonic 2024 multibeam systemUTEC Survey Australia Pty Ltd (Perth) has purchased the latest generation R2Sonic 2024 Broadband Multibeam Sonar adding to its growing collection of geophysical and inspection survey equipment based in Asia Pacific.

UTEC is the first commercial survey company servicing the oil and gas sector with the R2Sonic 2024 multibeam system in the region.

The R2Sonic 2024 is the world's first proven wideband high resolution shallow water multibeam echo sounder, with a 60 kHz signal bandwidth and 20 selectable operating frequencies between 200 to 400 kHz. The R2Sonic multibeam also provides variable swath coverage selections from 10° to 160° with both the frequency and the swath coverage selectable "on the fly", in real time, during operation.

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