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Survey: MMT awarded marine survey contract for E.ON Vind Sverige AB

Posted on 19.04.2011 - 09:00 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by Rons_ROV_Links

MMT awarded marine survey contract for E.ON Vind Sverige ABMMT was recently awarded a seabed investigation contract for an offshore wind farm at Södra Midsjöbanken in the Baltic Sea.

In the south-eastern sector of the Baltic Sea, Södra Midsjöbanken, there is a large area offering good wind resources. In this area, E.ON Vind Sverige AB is involved in the design of a large wind farm. Initially, efforts focused on finding the most economical beneficial way of landing the electricity produced here. The operation also spotlights ways of solving technical and legal issues relating to the project.

MMT will now conduct geophysical, geotechnical and biological seabed investigations for this planned offshore wind farm. Survey vessel IceBeam will be used for the entire marine survey project since it is capable of undertaking all aspects of the assignment.

The survey, which will take place approximately 100 km south-east of the Swedish mainland, will be carried out in those parts of the sector with a limited water depth, less than 25 m.

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