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Survey: EdgeTech & ORE Offshore to host demos at Ocean Business 2011

Posted on 01.04.2011 - 10:00 EDT in EXHIBITION NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

EdgeTech & ORE Offshore to host demos at Ocean Business 2011EdgeTech and ORE Offshore invite you to visit our booth, # B9, and to attend one of our on-water demos or classroom training programs at Ocean Business in Southampton, UK April 5-7. The organizations will be highlighting these exciting new products.

• 4600 (classroom training)

EdgeTech's 4600 combines the high resolution 2D capabilities of a side scan sonar with the 3D imagery of a multi-beam echosounder. The result is a highly effective survey tool that produces real-time high resolution 3D maps of the seafloor and is simple to use and cost-effective.

• 4125 (on-water demos)

EdgeTech's new 4125 side scan sonar system was designed with both the Search & Recovery (SAR) and shallow water survey communities in mind. Two dual simultaneous frequency sets are available for the 4125 depending on the application, making it the perfect tool for shallow water survey applications, offering a great combination of range and resolution.

• SPORT Acoustic Release (classroom training)

ORE Offshore presents the latest in acoustic release technology with the SPORT product offering. Reliable, durable and configurable for all applications in deep or shallow water and short-term or long-life deployments.

High resolution imagery, combined side scan and bathymetry and customized long-life and versatile acoustic releases are just some of the technologically advanced solutions at EdgeTech and ORE Offshore. For a detailed schedule and to reserve a space in one of the above sessions, please send an email to marine[dot]edgetech[dot]com.

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