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Ashtead Technology appointed exclusive Global Rental Representative for Vortex I

Posted on 17.03.2011 - 09:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Ashtead Technology appointed exclusive Global Rental Representative for Vortex International LtdLeading marine equipment rental company Ashtead Technology announces its appointment as exclusive Global Rental Representative, within the Oil and Gas sector, for Vortex International Ltd for the rental of the Vortex Dredge Unit.

The most powerful 4 inch ROV and diver dredge unit in the world (40 to 50 ton / hr), the Vortex has removal rate performance more commonly seen in 6 inch dredges. A feature of this unit is the low hydraulic consumption, which leaves enough hydraulic supply on most ROVVs to utilize a purpose built jetter unit. Environmental concerns are addressed through the high efficiency, low energy demand hydraulic system negating the need for external compensators.

Applications for this powerful pump include salvage and marine science operations, work class ROV construction and drill support and the relocation of drill cutting, mud, silt, sand, rocks.

The agreement between Vortex and Ashtead Technology covers the rental of the dredge kit worldwide. Commenting on the agreement, Joe Goodin of Vortex International Ltd said "This is the kind of powerful, simple, and energy efficient equipment that I always wanted to use offshore. One box containing the entire kit with pre-fabricated brackets makes for a smoother, less demanding mobilization allowing our clients to get to work faster. The partnership with Ashtead Technology allows Vortex to realize our strategy for growth through one of the most influential and respected organizations in the industry."

Ashtead Technology Offshore Division Managing Director Mark Derry adds: "Ashtead Technology are committed to the subsea market and to meeting our customerrs demands for the most efficient and powerful equipment available. This agreement with Vortex for the impressive dredge kit is a significant opportunity for the business, strengthening our vast global rental pool and providing our ROV and diving customers with the latest technology in the field."

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