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Survey: CDL launch MiniPOS3 with INS/USBL capability

Posted on 15.03.2011 - 13:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

CDL launch MiniPOS3 with INS/USBL capabilityMiniPOS3 is a powerful upgrade to CDL's existing high accuracy RLG (Ring Laser Gyro) based MiniPOS2 technology. MiniPOS3 has the capability to receive position updates from external systems such as USBL and mix that data with the inertial sensor via a powerful Kalman filter to provide high update, smoothed, positional information.

The system can be installed using additional aiding from DVL (MiniPOSNAV) but is also highly effective when using only the INS. External position can be provided from acoustic Ultra Short Baseline Systems (USBL) or from satellite based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) on the surface.

USBL systems suffer from low update rate and variable short term accuracy, however their long term accuracy is excellent. This makes them an ideal 'partner' for inertial technology, where short term accuracy is extremely good but the systems suffer from positional drift over time. By combining the two technologies, a navigation system can be produced that has a high data update rate and excellent short and long term accuracies. This is very important in operations such as ROV based multi-beam sonar surveys where any position inaccuracies are very obvious and appear as significant errors in the sonar data.

In addition, an INS aided USBL provides a good solution when using USBL systems in areas of poor signal quality. Shallow water, acoustic interference or extreme range from the vessel can often cause USBL updates to be sporadic and this has consequential effects on the quality of the overall survey position. The INS component of the MiniPOS3 can be used in this instance to improve things greatly by filling in the gaps where updates are unavailable and lessening the effect of poor position fixes (outliers).

The good news for our clients is that MiniPOS3 is not just a new product. It is a navigation algorithm that is also available as a low cost upgrade to all existing MiniPOS1 and MiniPOS2 systems. This means that the large number of CDL inertial navigation systems already in the market can be utilised to rapidly make the MiniPOS3 system available for use.

Significant advanced orders have already been received by CDL which will place MiniPOS3 systems into the rental inventories of some of the biggest subsea equipment rental companies meaning that the MiniPOS3 system will be available for end client use immediately.

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