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Offshore Marine Services GmbH appoints Rhenus as German vessel agency

Posted on 14.03.2011 - 11:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Offshore Marine Services GmbH appoints Rhenus as German vessel agencyOffshore Marine Services GmbH (OMS) has appointed Rhenus Midgard GmbH & Co. KG as its exclusive vessel agency in Germany. Bremen based OMS has signed an agreement with Rhenus to act as vessel agent to all vessels under OMS charter or contract operating in German waters and ports. It is a rolling contract with an initial 12-month period from January to December this year.

OMS is part of Offshore Marine Management (OMM), a growing independent provider of managed marine solutions to the offshore renewables, subsea telecoms and oil and gas industries.

Rhenus, one of Europe's leading logistics service providers, was chosen by OMS to facilitate the company's ongoing and future workload in German waters.

OMM's Operations Director, Eckhard Bruckschen said the German Bight sector is becoming an increasingly important market for the whole of OMM, which significantly extended its activity in the area during the 2009 to 2010 period with work for major renewable energy players such as TenneT Offshore GmbH.

"This agreement not only prepares us well for our expected vessel requirements but further strengthens our position in the German market, helping solidify our place as a preferred supplier to the leading renewable energy companies operating in the region," Mr Bruckschen said.

"Our track record in the sector means we will be looking to increase our vessel support needs in all our key business areas - marine survey, provision of guard, personnel transfer and other vessels, services and support, cable installation, and operations and maintenance," he added.

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