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Oceaneering closes BOP ram at depth in less than 25 seconds

Posted on 11.03.2011 - 11:00 EST in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Oceaneering closes BOP ram at depth in less than 25 secondsOceaneering International, Inc. has successfully closed a subsea BOP ram in less than 25 seconds at 4300 fsw. The test used a company Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and a Subsea Accumulator Module that was designed and manufactured by Oceaneering's Deepwater Technical Solutions (DTS) group.

The test proved that closing times for Emergency BOP Override Systems can meet or exceed API recommended closing times of 45 seconds on ram functions.

Oceaneering Subsea Accumulator Module (5000psi working pressure) with mats for seafloor installation, shown with (40) 15-gallon accumulator canisters. (Photo credit: Oceaneering)

To reach the override timing, all ROV intervention points on the BOP were first verified to ensure that they were designed and engineered to allow an unrestricted path to the ram actuator.

The BOP was fitted with an Oceaneering provided intervention panel that allowed a full 1-inch ID flow path from the Subsea Accumulator Module to the BOP actuator.

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