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Two major metocean Statoil awards to Fugro GEOS

Posted on 09.03.2011 - 14:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Two major metocean Statoil awards to Fugro GEOSFugro GEOS has secured two large metocean (meteorological and oceanographic) measurement studies for Statoil in the Norwegian and North Seas. These highlight the importance of accurate metocean data at the design stage of development of offshore fields, and for life extension of existing fields.

The first contract sees Fugro GEOS undertake a five year metocean measurement programme with associated routine data analyses for Statoil. Current profile, wave and seawater property data will be collected at five offshore fields in the Northern North Sea: Kvitebjørn, Oseberg Sør, Brage, Heimdal, and Grane Fields.

For the second contract, Fugro GEOS will be measuring a twelve month current dataset at Dompap, Fossekall, Asterix and at several locations along the northern part of the Norwegian Sea Gas Infrastructure (NSGI) pipeline. At these locations current measurements, also provided in real-time, will support the planning of effective operations.

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