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Sales: Smart AC­ROV’s and New Markets 

Posted on 04.03.2011 - 06:40 EST in SALES NEWS by jamesmc

Smart AC­ROV’s and New MarketsAC­CESS reinforces its position as the dominant European based micro ROV manufacturer with highly innovative applications while developing new markets further afield.

ITER ­ Cran­Gevrier, France.  Smart AC­ROV’s go their own way ­ together!
Longtime AC­ROV distributor ITER has delivered a block order of three systems to the Ocean Sensing and Mapping Laboratory (OSM) of the world renowned research institute ENSTA­BRETAGNE (Brest, France).

OSM focuses on extracting and using data in uncertain environments through the operation of smart self-controlled systems.  Deployed in a research and training role, the AC-ROV’s have been modified to enable target inspection as a PC controlled coordinated group, rather than separate pilot controlled individuals.  The systems employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to enable auto depth, reflected light activated object avoidance and other vehicle and tether recognition.  The project has so far achieved autonomous behavior for a single AC-ROV.  The vehicle has successfully inspected the inside of a 2 meter long, 300 mm diameter pipe.  The use of ‘smart vehicle swarms’ has potential applications in various industries including subsea inspection, environmental monitoring and military and security operations.

Escort Sp. z o.o. - Szczecin, Poland.  AC-ROV integrated to unmanned surface craft.
AC-CESS’s new Polish distributor Escort has got of to flying start with the AC-ROV, delivering three systems in quick succession.  The Polish Naval Academy (Gdynia, Poland) has utilised the compact nature of the AC-ROV system integrating it to an unmanned remotely operated high speed surface craft.  The craft is deployed in a rapid response security intervention role as well as carrying out hull and suspect target inspection.  Escort has also delivered an 80m tethered system to the West Pomeranien State Fire Brigade.  The AC-ROV fulfills the Brigades underwater technical requirement for special and emergency operations.  The State Meteorology and Water Management Institute (Poznan, Poland) have also bought an 80 metered system.  The system is deployed in inland waters to inspect and monitor flora, river bed ecosystems and the effect of sediment build up.

LinkOcean Technologies Ltd - Qingdao, China.  First AC-ROV’s to China!
AC-CESS is delighted to announce that LinkOcean has secured the sale of the first two AC-ROV’s to China.  The North China Sea Monitoring Center (Qingdao, China) has purchased a 100m tethered AC-ROV with rear view camera system and extensive spares package.  The system will be deployed in a rapid underwater inspection capacity.  The Hangzhou Dianzi University (Hangzhou, China) have also purchased a 100m tethered AC-ROV with 3 jaw 2 function manipulator, rear view camera system and extensive spares package.  The system will be used for educational purposes.

AC-ROV 100

For a demonstration of the AC-ROV 100 Underwater Inspection System with options and the AC-ROV 3000 Fly Out System please visit us at Ocean Business 2011, 5-7th April, Stand A16, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, England

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