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HMC's new vessel named ''Aegir'' after Norse god of the sea

Posted on 18.02.2011 - 10:00 EST in MARINE/VESSEL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

HMC's new vessel named "Aegir" after Norse god of the seaHeerema Marine Contractors' (HMC) new Deep Water Construction Vessel, currently being built in Korea, will be called Aegir, after the Norse god of the sea. Aegir is sometimes also referred to as a sea giant. Together with his wife, the sea goddess Ran, and their nine daughters, named for different types of waves, he rules the seas.

HMC's new monohull vessel will also be a giant of the seas, which she will be crossing at high speed. Aegir will be capable of executing complex infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra deep water and will also have sufficient lifting capacity to install fixed platforms in relatively shallow water.

Aegir will complement HMC's existing fleet, consisting of Thialf, Hermod, Balder, and the tugs Retriever and Husky. Together, they will enable HMC to continue to offer unrivalled services to the offshore oil and gas industry anywhere in the world. 

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