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Survey: iXBlue group launched

Posted on 11.02.2011 - 14:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

iXBlue group launchediXSea announces the launch of iXBlue, a group of highly innovative and responsive companies serving customers in the defense, geosciences, offshore, aeronautic and space industries. The new group iXBlue brings several of the industry's most innovative companies under one roof.

iXBlue includes: iXFiber, iXMotion, iXSea, iXSpace, iXSurvey, iXWaves, Resiconcept and Sodena

Partner companies in which iXBlue proudly holds an interest include: Coriolis, EuroFOG, Guimbal, H2X, iXElek, Photline, Sofresud and Tronics 

Philippe Debaillon Vesque, President & CEO of the new group, said: "I want iXBlue to be recognized for its ability to integrate and to combine technologies, products and services from across the group to create the kind of innovative solutions that cannot be found anywhere else. iXBlue will provide customers with a business shortcut: a single point of contact for high-quality systems that add real value to their operations." 

"Our aim is to leverage the knowledge and experience that exist within the individual companies without losing the advantages that smaller companies possess, notably their ability to respond quickly and their accountability and drive."

iXBlue companies contribute actively to eight business areas:

• Inertial Products
• Acoustic Products
• Sonar Systems
• Motion Systems
• Integrated Solutions
• Advanced Components
• Sea Operations
• Marine Works

Each business area has a dedicated research and development team and maintains its own intellectual property. Essential business and service functions are provided as a central resource.

The group has currently more than 500 employees and an annual turnover close to 100M€. iXBlue companies have a strong presence in the USA, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, Singapore, China and Australia.

About the inertial products business area

iXBlue's range of inertial products is based upon the FOG (Fiber-Optic Gyroscope) technology, which has been developed, improved, and fully mastered by its teams along the past 30 years.

Vertically integrated for the benefit of its customers, iXBlue designs, develops and manufactures all its products from its own Fibers, its own IOCs (Integrated Optical Circuits), its own electronics and software, ensuring a quality control which exceeds the highest standards.

The product catalogue includes gyrocompasses, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS), Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for use:

• Under and above water on board Submarines and Surface Ships, ROVs, AUVs and UUVs,
• On land for a variety of applications, including vehicles and weapons,
• In air on board aircrafts, helicopters, or drones,
• In space where the unsurpassed and proven reliability of the technology makes it suitable for the most  demanding spatial uses.

About the acoustic products business area

The acoustic business area's best seller product GAPS (Global Acoustic Positioning System) combines both Inertial Navigation and underwater acoustic positioning technologies. GAPS provides accurate and robust subsea tracking and positioning of divers, ROVs, AUVs and sonars, even under the most demanding conditions. Applications for this heavily field-optimized system include seabed mapping, pipeline and cable surveys and environmental scientific studies.

This business area offers a full range of oceanographic acoustic releases, pingers and transponders. Suitable for mooring applications at depths from estuarine to full-ocean with low power consumption and high corrosion resistance. iXBlue's releases are ideal for oceanographic surveys and heavy-duty subsea construction operations.

About the sonar systems business area

The sonar systems business area has built a strong expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing:

• Active transducers from a few hundred Hz to hundreds of kHz, with associated matching units and power amplifiers, active arrays,
• Passive sensors, such as hydrophones, and passive arrays,
• Advanced opto-acoustic sensors which leverage on iXBlue's expertises in acoustics and optics.

By combining acoustic and inertial expertises, the sonar systems business area has developed one of the most advanced products for accurate seabed imaging and mapping: the SHADOWS synthetic aperture sonar.

The business area product range also includes multibeam sounders, high-resolution sub-bottom profilers, real-time data processing and data fusion. iXBlue provides comprehensive sonar systems integrating various products and equipments.

About the motion systems business area

The motion systems business area is a leading designer and manufacturer of multi-axis motion simulators and multi-axis ground and embedded positioners for civil and military applications.

For ground performance testing and simulations, iXBlue provides:

• Speed and positioning tables and precision centrifuges,
• Multi-axe motion simulators for trajectory simulations,
• Motion test benches for inertial systems.

For ground and embedded equipment, iXBlue provides:

• Embedded positioners, fixed positioners,
• Pan & tilt positioners,
• Embedded ground, naval and aeronautical calculators.

About the integrated solutions business area

By combining the skills and expertise of iXSea and Sodena, the integrated solutions business area provides a range of integrated solutions for bridge control, safety and security, off-shore as well as turn-key solutions for hydrography.

iXBlue has delivered many integrated navigation systems for the merchant shipping, fishing and naval markets.

iXBlue's reputation is based on having equipped over 10,000 ships (new builds and retrofits to existing vessels) with its ECS, ECDIS IMO-certified or WECDIS NATO-compliant systems.

The company also provides radar systems and data distribution units within fully integrated navigation systems.

iXBlue has also delivered integrated systems and turn-key solutions to several customers, making use of its own products, but also of third party equipments coming from several suppliers.

About the advanced components business area

The advanced components business area designs, develops and manufactures specialty optical fibers, components and sub-assemblies made from optical fibers, for the telecommunications industry, military applications and industrial markets.

It produces:

• Special fibers: active fibers (for lasers and amplifiers), polarization maintenance fibers (for gyroscopes and couplers), photosensitive fibers (for Bragg networks), passive fibers (for optical signal transmission),
• Components: Bragg network fibers (for sensors), mirrors (for fiber lasers), laser diode stabilizers (for fiber lasers), gain equalizer filters (for optical amplifiers).

About the sea operations business area

The sea operations business area specializes in the measurement and interpretation of the physical, chemical and biological marine environment.

The Sea operations business area comprises Category A Hydrographic Surveyors, together with highly experienced Degree and Masters qualified Geophysicists and Oceanographers, divers and ships.

Thanks to its many assets and experienced personnel, the company delivers:

• Hydrographic surveys,
• Biological & environmental studies,
• Oceanographic measurements,
• Geophysical site investigations,
• Sea trial & equipment testing.

About the marine works business area

With its own shipyard, H2X, and ship-fitting company iXElek, the marine works business area can deliver catamarans and mono-hull ships for leisure or professional use.

Thanks to the skills and expertise developed by iXBlue, the company can deliver custom-built hydrography and oceanography vessels to suit any particular requirement, based on its own equipment or any third party's.

Alternatively, iXBlue can install its or your survey solution on your own vessel in dockyards using 1500m of quays with lifting for up to 600 tons.

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