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Power to the Seaeye ROV operator

Posted on 10.02.2011 - 11:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Power to the Seaeye ROV operatorA more powerful ROV than any other of its class on the market has been launched by top manufacturer, Saab Seaeye. The Panther XT Plus, rated for operation to a depth of 1500m, is the latest addition to the successful Panther range - and with two systems already sold for delivery in the first quarter of 2011 this latest version is generating considerable interest in the ROV market.

The new advanced ROV gives operators about double the horizontal thruster power compared with the Panther XT, which makes it the most powerful ROV in its class with over 50% more thrust than its nearest competitor. Its power to weight ratio is also over twice its nearest competitor providing exceptional response and precise control.

Packed with ten powerful thrusters, not only can it swim over 30% faster than anything else of its type, but it can hold steady in strong cross currents, making it an ideal vehicle for survey work.

saab_seaeye_panther_xt_plusHaving ten thrusters in hand also brings peace of mind to operators working to a tight deadline or in difficult conditions by offering a reassuringly high degree of redundancy.

In addition to unrivalled thrust performance, the front end of the Panther XT Plus has been re-designed to accommodate industry standard seven function position feedback manipulators providing the operator with heavy duty power and precise control allowing faster completion of complex manipulator tasks.

To accommodate the larger and heavier manipulator arms and provide additional capacity to fit further tools and sensors the vehicle payload has been significantly increased over the standard Panther XT.

For the ROV operator, another significant advantage of increased power found in the new light-work ROV, is an ability to carry a greater range of tooling options for a wider range of tasks, including work, observation and survey, all in a small footprint.

This need for less deck space, around a quarter of an equivalent hydraulic vehicle, together with fewer crew and lower vehicle cost, gives an overall lower cost of ownership that lies behind the success of the long established Panther range, a design concept that can match an hydraulic equivalent in most work tasks including drill support, IRM, survey and some construction tasks.

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