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AUV NEWS: BlueView delivers high-res ''gap-filling'' sonar to Hydroid for Atlas Elektronik

Posted on 09.02.2011 - 10:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

BlueView delivers high-res "gap-filling" sonar to Hydroid for Atlas Elektronik UK UUVBlueView Technologies delivered a new sonar to Hydroid Inc. as part of an Atlas Elektronik UK project for the UK Ministry Of Defence. The Capability Concept Demonstrator (CCD) project, conducted on behalf of the Defence Equipment & Support Programmes & Technology Group, will enable the MoD to understand the capabilities that recent commercial and military UUV technology maturity could bring to future MCM operations.

BlueView was selected by the Atlas and Hydroid team to create a fully integrated UUV sonar system that delivered identification level imagery and increased area coverage. "The imagery and data delivered by the BlueView 3D MicroBathymetry sonar are impressive, and the single-pass coverage area is nearly doubled to dramatically improve coverage rates," stated Kevan Murphy, the technical lead on the CCD programme at Atlas Elektronik UK.

Graham Lester, Director of Hydroid Europe said: "The combination of the new BlueView 3D sonar, Hydroid REMUS 100 and Atlas Classiphi post processing software delivers a unique new autonomous seabed survey capability. The seamless bottom coverage significantly reduces mission time, providing full swath coverage classification data on targets of interest." Based on the success of the demonstrations the UK MOD has now contracted with Hydroid to equip a Royal Navy REMUS 100 vehicle with the MB2250 sonar.

"The delivery of this new gap-filling solution to the Atlas and Hydroid team is the direct result of our recent investments in 3D underwater visualization and leverages our latest 2.25 MHz MicroBathymetry technology. It is the first gap-filling solution that provides both side-scan quality 2D gap coverage as well as 3D imagery in a compact, UUV-compatible package," stated Lee Thompson, BlueView CEO/CTO.

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