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BlueView 3D mechanical scanning system used for dam inspection

Posted on 02.02.2011 - 12:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

BlueView 3D mechanical scanning system used for dam inspectionTetra Tech, a premier worldwide consulting and engineering firm selected BlueView Technologies to provide detailed 3D multibeam scans of the out flow 'draft' tubes of a significant Hydroelectric dam in Washington State to check for obstructions, scouring, and erosion. The outflow control doors were obscured and not accessible to be surveyed with traditional surface vessel mounted multi-beam echosounder sonar. Tetra Tech chose the BV5000-1350 3D Mechanical Scanning System with a portable tripod for the project.

The BlueView BV5000 was deployed from a 12 foot aluminum boat, and lowered to the rocky reservoir bottom 65 feet below the surface. A total of seven individual scans were taken in less than 4 hours. The individual 3D scan data were immediately viewable. Accurate registration of scans into a single, 3D mosaic was quickly accomplished using BlueView’s bundled, commercially available software to 'snap' together overlapping BV5000-1350 data and to register those data with surface vessel mounted multibeam data.

"The BlueView BV5000 Mechanical Scanning System was the perfect solution for this mapping and inspection project. The portability, ease of use, and fast operation made this challenging project quick and easy," stated Brent Johnston, Tetra Tech's Marine Mapping Group Senior Systems Specialist. The final imagery and data was presented to the public utility that operated the dam. Mr. Johnston added: "The detailed data provided our clients with the information they were seeking about the conditions of the draft tubes and the surrounding area. The BlueView BV5000 is a real asset for this and similar applications. We foresee many ways to utilize these systems with our hydroelectric, as well as our other nearshore and offshore clients."

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