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Massive Projects for Beijing's 2008 Olympics to Include Telecom Infrastructu

Posted on 15.12.2003 - 03:09 EST in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by ginamc

Austin, Texas (May 22, 2003) - As part of the sweeping modernization projects for the 2008 Olympics, Beijing Communications Corporation, the local operating company serving China's national capital, will invest $US 6.64 billion over the next 5 years to extend and upgrade its network. This is a fraction of the $37 Billion planned ...

for expenditures to host the 2008 Olympics. These figures are reported in a new market research report, Beijing's 2008 Olympics - Business Opportunities in Modernizing Beijing's Telecom Networks, from Communications Consulting Associates of Austin, TX.
CCA reports that the Beijing Communications Corporation $US 6.64 billion investment, which represents approximately $US 0.9 billion per year, will support the following objectives:

- add capacity for an additional 3.4 million fixed network voice lines
- replace linear optical network connections with rings and upgrade existing SDH rings to higher bit rates
- develop IP-based video tr ansport networking capable of supporting HDTV
- introduce mobile service in competition with China Mobile and China Unicom
implement WDM and new technologies such as RPR at "edges" of the metropolitan network
- extend DSL and other broadband access technologies to a higher percentage of Beijing's present 1.7 million Internet users

Of course, Beijing Communications Corporation is not alone in planning infrastructure upgrades. According to the CCA report, Beijing Mobile and other industry participants will also upgrade their networks to not only support traffic associated with the Olympic games, but also for greater market penetration, new or improved services, and greater international connectivity. Beijing Mobile, for example, plans to roll-out 3G networks that will support video, sports statistics, smart card functions, and other services.

These ambitious plans for telecom investment come on the heels of several recent and extensive changes in China's telecom industry. Last year, for example, China's Ministry of Information and Industry split the nationwide monopoly service provider into two large regional groups. Also in 2002, China's accession to the World Trade Organization changed the competitive landscape for telecom equipment and service companies. So at the same time that they are adj usting to the telecom industry's new regulatory and competitive structure, China's major operators will undertake substantial upgrades to prepare for the 2008 Olympics.

CCA's 2008 Olympic report describes the rapid changes being planned, the partnerships being formed, the complex workings of the government organizations and telecom companies involved, and the multi-billion dollar expenditures specific to information infrastructure and communications networks planned for the Beijing region. The report is focused on helping telecom service providers and network equipment vendors to prosper in Beijing; it includes more than 60 pages of analysis on telecom and "informatization" activities, Olympic infrastructure details, Beijing and China business practices, and information on how to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

CCA is partnering with KMI Research for sales and order fulfillment of the Beijing 2008 Olympics report. For content discussions or questions, please contact Joe Savage at CCA. To view a prospectus and table of contents, or to order the report, contact: Dorcie Sarantos (, Phone: 401.243.8114

Source: KMI Research
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