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Products: New MiniBAT profiling option from OSIL

Posted on 07.01.2011 - 10:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

New MiniBAT profiling option from OSILOSIL (Ocean Scientific International Ltd) have released a new towed MiniBAT oil in water detection system. The system allows detection of hydrocarbons in water at either fixed depth or undulating patterns down to 60m depth. The system has been made possible by utilising the new YSI Oil in Water Sensor Adapter kit teamed with a YSI 6-Series sonde.

The YSI Oil in Water Sensor Adapter kit uses a unique adapter to plug the industry-recognisedTurner hydrocarbon sensor directly into an optical port on a YSI6-Series sonde. The sonde package then fits neatly to the MinBAT tow body, providing users with a system capable of detecting oil throughout the water column for offshore & coastal monitoring. There are two versions available, either a crude oil or a refined fuels sensor: the refined oils version is also fitted with a built in rejection filter to prevent CDOM (Coloured Dissolved Organic Material) interference in coastal areas.

The MiniBAT is software controlled and can be set to undulate over a desired depth range, maintain a constant depth, and can even be programmed to follow the seabed with the MiniBAT automatically altering its depth. With an operational depth of 60 m and profiling speed of up to 10 knots, the MiniBAT enables users to collect large spatial datasets quickly and efficiently saving both time and money. The software allows continuous measurement and real time display of the data, transmitted with water quality data from other sensors. The lightweight construction of the MiniBAT means that it is highly portable and easily deployed by one person from almost any kind of vessel.

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