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Smart Light Devices launches the world's smallest subsea camera

Posted on 22.12.2010 - 12:00 EST in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Smart Light Devices launches the world's smallest subsea cameraSmart Light Devices, a subsea laser technology company based in Aberdeen specialized in producing advanced optical sensor technology for subsea inspection applications, recently announced and launched the Miniature Camera (MC1), the smallest subsea camera in the world, for underwater oil and gas inspection applications at the just concluded 2nd Optoelectronic Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry, technical meeting held at the Marcliffe Hotel & Spa, Aberdeen on the 4th of November 2010.

Visual images are a key tool in the inspection of subsea oil and gas installations. Existing subsea camera systems are however of limited use in applications in difficult to reach areas, such as within the structure of an XT or within pipes, etc., where the physical size of existing cameras greatly restrict their use. The MC1 has been developed to meet such requirements based on industry demand.

The miniature camera offers a high performance product at an affordable cost and combines superb sensitivity, resolution and dynamic versatility, allowing clients a variety of potential subsea applications.

The dimension of the MC1 is only 7 mm D x 25 mm L, yet provides a high performance and offers a full colour, 60 frames per seconds and high resolution 720(H)x 576(V) pixels. Hard subsea location might suffer from low light environment and hence MC1 built with an internal six LED light to perform inspection on key spot where other cameras can not reach. Designed for deepwaters of 3000m, the system provides a maximum flexibility for inspection of internal and external underwater facilities. This MC1 has been developed with very low power consumption requiring only 3V at 110mA making it ideal for low power consumption applications such as micro ROV or a permanent subsea installation.

In addition, to the development of the world smallest subsea camera, SLD has developed image enhancement software, where typical Gaussian associated noise or noise generated from the environment such as water turbidity could be removed when used in conjunction with the ITIS, the camera is able to capture useful images even in environments that are difficult for traditional SIT cameras.

SLD is proud to present this dramatic breakthrough miniature camera for the subsea inspection, and has already generated great interest by several major subsea companies which gives room for a new market. The smallest size ever assessable in oil and gas, it will allow inspections Miniature Camera not previously assessable. The miniature camera will support an important unmet market need, giving the subsea oil and gas operators the most cost-effective level of technology without compromising the quality of inspection services required.

For more information on this technology as well as others, visit our website on

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