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ROV NEWS: Linkquest announces more contracts for Tracklink USBL

Posted on 23.12.2003 - 06:06 EST in AUV NEWS by admin

Anon writes:  San Diego, California, USA ## After delivering 10 TrackLink USBL systems in November 2003, LinkQuest Inc. closes the year with more TrackLink sales, according to Dr. Ning Xiao...

Recently, he said, the company received an order from Nekton Research LLC of Durham, North Carolina, for a TrackLink 1500MA system with integrated two-way acoustic communication capability.

This system will be used to track an AUV (manufactured by Nekton) while the operator performs command and control of the vehicle.

The tracking system is required to work reliably in a 150x100-meter quarry where acoustic signals are highly reverberated due to rock walls and bottom.

LinkQuest's TrackLink system passed the test successfully in November and Nekton Research issued the order immediately following the test.

For more, visit or contact the company at

Source: OceanSp@ce

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