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Growing support from Oceanvision for ROV sales in Far East

Posted on 09.12.2010 - 13:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Growing support from Oceanvision for ROV sales in Far EastSales success by Singapore-based Oceanvision of Saab Seaeye ROVs in the Far East has led the company to expand its vital technical support and spares hub in the region.

Having already sold 24 Saab Seaeye ROVs including Falcon, Tiger, Cougar and Panther, to its markets in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Western Australia, Oceanvision has amassed a wealth of experience of the range, and its technical capabilities.

Engineers at their growing service hub have attended Saab Seaeye's training centre in the UK, and are qualified and fully skilled in ROV repair and maintenance. The company operates a full Seaeye thruster repair facility in house. A growing inventory of Saab Seaeye ROV spare parts available off the shelf has also contributed to the overall growth of the business and increased customer service and support capability

Such a resource is vital and reassuring for ROV operators committed to important subsea projects throughout the region, says Ian Johnson, Oceanvision's MD.

Along with their ROV, AUV and Rental Equipment sales, Oceanvision supply ancillary equipment such as ROV tooling, sonars, manipulators, leak detection and other underwater sensors.

They also manufacture and design surveillance camera systems for the general Marine and Offshore industry including production & storage facilities, underwater intervention and drilling.

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