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Hadal Technologies releases Dibujo high definition video overlay system

Posted on 07.12.2010 - 13:00 EST in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Hadal Technologies releases Dibujo high definition video overlay systemHadal Technologies continues to add to its line of integrated subsea High Definition products with the introduction of the Dibujo HD Viedo Overlay System.

Hadal Technologies' Dibujo HD-SDI Video Overlay System puts operational ROV data where ROV operators need it - on the high definition camera displays they use to pilot the vehicle. Dibujo increases operator situational awareness and is ideal for video documentation tasks. The system is seamlessly integrated with Hadal Technologies' Oculus HD camera and Octopod Fiber Optic Receiver and Multiplexer systems.

The Dibujo HD-SDI Video Overlay System accepts dynamic data via serial or Ethernet inputs and is also capable of displaying graphics files (corporate logos, etc.). Conveniently housed in a small 1U rackmount chassis, the system is easily integrated with existing topside equipment and requires minimal rack space. Dibujo is easily configured through a Graphical User Interface or a text file (XML).

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