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Sales: AC-ROV sales and application news

Posted on 02.12.2010 - 10:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

AC-ROV sales and application newsAC-ROV underwater inspection system distributor Trekar Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (Singapore) has reported a number of recent successes.

These includes:

Prosafe Production Services: AC-ROV permanently deployed on FPSO

Trekar is proud to announce the sale of an AC-ROV to Prosafe Production Services, a leading global owner and operator of Floating Production, Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO). Prosafe required an ‘on board' solution that could visually inspect & monitor the integrity of FPSO turret mooring chains. The solution had to be easy to deploy, easy to operate with no specialist training required and have the ability to circumnavigate a chain link without the camera losing the target. The 100m tethered AC-ROV system is permanently deployed on Prosafe's FPSO vessel ‘Espoir Ivoiren' operating offshore Ivory Coast, West Africa.

Singapore Public Utilities Board: In-house inspection replaces diver sourcing

Looking to replace divers with a customised in-house inspection capability, the Singapore Public Utilities Board (SPUB) demanded a solution that offered the combined abilities of open and confined water inspection. Due to the remote operating locations involved a portable and robust system was a must. Following a very successful in-situ demonstration to SPUB operatives, a 40m tether AC-ROV with laser scaling and rear camera and light options was delivered. The system has successfully completed multiple filter and pump inspections with no down time.

Private Sale: Powerful AC-ROV and side scan sonar survey and inspection package

A 40m tethered AC-ROV and Tritech Starfish side scan sonar system has been delivered to an industry professional as a combined shallow water survey & inspection package. The compatibility of the two systems was demonstrated, with the portable, robust and simple to use characteristics of both systems apparent. With a combined coast of less than £10,000 the client has purchased a powerful low cost survey and inspection package that requires no specialist training and minimal comparative operating costs.

N3 Maritime: Increased dive team safety and enhanced inspection offering

N3 Maritime (Singapore) required a dual capability ROV system to work in conjunction with their commercial dive team and as a stand alone inspection tool. Following a product survey and demonstrations it was felt that the AC-ROV offered the best fit. Used to map and plan the dive site, the compact AC-ROV is also the perfect ROV to be deployed with the dive team as a confined ingress tool, free swimming or hand held camera and health and safety device. The highly portable AC-ROV has further enhanced N3's underwater harbour inspection capability, with the 120m tethered AC-ROV being deployed on vessel and facility integrity inspections.

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