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GSP Bigfoot 1 arrived on location for the pipelay operations at Galata platform

Posted on 18.11.2010 - 12:00 EST in MARINE/VESSEL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

GSP Bigfoot 1 arrived on location for the pipelay operations at Galata platformGSP Bigfoot 1 has reached the operations location near the Galata Platform, on the Bulgarian continental shelf of the Black Sea. The technical vessel entered under contract with Melrose Resources for subsea pipelay operations. GSP is the general contractor for engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of two submarine pipelines with piggyback lines.

GSP Bigfoot 1 shall install 8.5 kilometers of 6-inch diameter pipeline, 14.5 kilometers of 10-inch diameter pipeline, as well as two secondary 1-inch diameter pipelines. The subsea pipelines will connect the Kavarna-2 and Kaliakra-2 subsea wellheads to Galata Platform. The 1-inch lines will be strapped to the main 10-inch and 6-inch lines by means of piggyback blocks.

The water depth along the pipeline route varies from 36 m to 80 m. The pipelines cross existing telecommunication cables, and protective 6 m x 3 m x 0.3 m concrete mattress were installed by GSP Prince in March, in order to maintain clearance between pipeline and cable, the current depth of burial being of 1.5 m.

The technical vessel GSP Bigfoot 1 was towed by GSP Vega, AHT. GSP also mobilized for the operations in the Bulgarian national waters GSP Prince, for DSV & ROV support, GSP Orion, AHT, and Amber II. GSP Bigfoot 3 will be mobilized for the SAT diving works.

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