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General: Ashtead Technology Rentals (U.S.A.) and the AC-ROV

Posted on 10.01.2005 - 02:29 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

click to enlargeAfter viewing a demonstration of the AC-ROV in action at their Aberdeen site, Mr Chris Echols of Ashtead Technology's U.S. section could not wait to place an order for one of the versatile little units. Sending the AC-ROV straight to a rig based job, Mr Echols (and all his colleges) were highly impressed by the AC-ROV's scope of movement and the quality of image relayed top side. Describing the AC-ROV as 'small but mighty', Mr Echols stated 'the other inspection class ROV's I know of are small, but not compared to the AC-ROV - its amazing. It really has the capability to access restrictive targets and gives back job enabling image quality.

Forecast to be much in demand with Ashtead's customers, the AC-ROV has a busy life ahead.  Even with these work considerations Ashtead are keen to promote the virtues of their latest product addition, stating that the ROV will be available (work permitting) for viewing demonstrations on request.  So if you are based in American and have a need for a 'small but mighty' ROV contact Ashtead today.

January 2005

AC-CESS Co UK Limited

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