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A new custom neutrally buoyant diver umbilical cable

Posted on 17.08.2010 - 12:00 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

A new custom neutrally buoyant diver umbilical cableNovacavi Spa has recently designed and developed together with its customer Seascape BV, a company specialized in surface and subsea products marketed throughout the world, a new custom neutrally buoyant diver umbilical cable.

It is a special cable developed and produced exacting according to customer‘s specific latest underwater equipments.

Its peculiar construction guarantees a certain determined light weight in sea water and maintains the neutral buoyancy typical characteristic of diver umbilical cables improving diver's efficiency and safety while working in harsh situations.

This is just an example of Novacavi's expertise in suiting each user's requirements cooperating closely with customers from concept through production of any special cable for advanced technology.

Since 1975 Novacavi has been involved in designing and manufacturing customized electrical cables. Novacavi can provide cost effective solutions and services for any special cable application such as:airport, high and low temperatures, pneumatic automation, pipeline control and inspection, defense, electronics and data transmission, railway, cableway, laboratories, medical, navy and shipyard, offshore, petrochemical, fire fighting, soil investigation, robotics and industrial automation, lifting plants, subsea, tunnel and mining, umbilical.
Our qualified engineering structure works in accordance with the latest worldwide regulations.

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