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VideoRay HD ROV assists scientists in observing great white sharks

Posted on 11.08.2010 - 11:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

VideoRay HD ROV assists scientists in observing great white sharksVideoRay, the Global Leader in Observation ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Technology, recently teamed with Fischer Productions and Dr. Michael Domeier to help further the study of the ocean's apex predator - the Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias).

Chris Fischer, Dr. Domeier, and the professional angling crew of the M/V Ocean have mastered a unique process where they actually hook these giant fish and bring them aboard their vessel for a short time in order to perform a number of scientific procedures including GPS satellite tagging, blood & sperm extraction, and quantitative analysis. The ultimate goal is basic - to learn more about the social interaction, behavioral structure, and breeding patterns of this species that has been swimming the world's oceans for approximately 16 million years.

The VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system, fitted with a custom High Definition video camera, was deployed from the M/V Ocean in Guadalupe Island, Mexico to gather unique POV underwater video footage of the Great Whites. This technique was effective in gathering footage that could not be acquired with the normal underwater pole cameras and those held by divers in shark cages. The 10 pound VideoRay ROV was able to dive deep and swim freely among the sharks who were at times more interested in the machine than the whale blubber buffet that was set on a massive 12" circle hook for them. At times the ROV would be swimming with the sharks at depths of 100 feet while being circled, bumped, and sniffed out. The crew discovered that they had to remove the VideoRay when sharks got too close for comfort and before they made a meal of the VideoRay submersible.

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