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SubCom succesfuly demonstrates 40Gb/s long-haul transmission

Posted on 29.07.2010 - 13:00 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SubCom succesfuly demonstrates 40Gb/s long-haul transmissionTyco Electronics Subsea Communications (SubCom) today announced the successful demonstration of 64 x 40 Gb/s transmission over a 6,500 km distance. Conducted over an existing Tata Communications link in the Atlantic Ocean using SubCom's next-generation (G4) SLTE, the data was carried from Highbridge, UK to Wall, NJ, error-free with a significant performance margin, across the entire band.

The demonstration marks the next step in the ongoing progression of undersea cable data rate, and will make the enablement of such undersea cable systems to carry increased capacity over existing links a reality.

"We view this development as a significant milestone in the evolution of undersea cable transmission capability," said David Coughlan, President of SubCom, "40Gb/s transmission is clearly the next standard for long-haul transmission, including undersea."

During the test, multiple 40G signals were transmitted over an Atlantic link of the Tata Global Network (TGN). A total capacity of 2.56 Tbs was successfully demonstrated on a fiber pair, representing four times the original design capacity of 640 Gbs. To support the diversified needs of its customers, SubCom's G4 SLTE offers a field pluggable 40G transponder as well as a 4x10 muxponder, each with software-reconfigurable multiple tributary protocols.

"The success of this field demonstration, which was made possible due largely to the superior support and cooperation by both the Tata Communications and TE SubCom teams, represents a significant increase of the network capacity of the existing system" said John Hayduk, Chief Technology Officer, Tata Communications

"The deployment of 40G on undersea cable systems is enabled by the confluence of 40G build-outs on terrestrial links and the availability of long-reach 40G transponders. As higher bit rates become more prevalent in the terrestrial market these services will naturally be required on undersea cables, said Dr. Seymour Shapiro, VP, R&D and CTO of SubCom. "Over the next year we expect to see 40G deployments starting with upgrades of existing systems. Our G4 product line, which will be generally available to our customers in the latter half of 2010, represents a state-of-the-art and reliable solution to the migration of existing 10G networks to next generation 40G network, as well as the deployment of 40G technology on new builds."

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