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Website Notice: Problems Registering or Logging in?

Posted on 22.12.2003 - 03:00 EST in WEBSITE NOTICE by admin

It seems that a few, would be, members are having problems registering and some existing members are having trouble logging in...

This is a hard one for us to nail as, within the last week, 46 members have successfully managed to join the website (admin, jamesmc & ginamc are included in those number)

We are looking into this right now. One for the many bugs we are trying to eliminate from the site. It's high on our list of priorities though.

Tip for existing members: Right now.... If you are logged into the site please DON'T Log out... when you have had enough just close the browser window, or navigate to another site. That way when you return you will still be logged in.

For people trying to register and members that have contacted us ...... we are working on it now!

Best regards
James n Gina
Website admin
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