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Chesapeake Technology introduces SonarWiz 5 - the next generation of seafloor su

Posted on 20.07.2010 - 11:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Chesapeake Technology introduces SonarWiz 5 - the next generation of seafloor survey softwareChesapeake Technology, Inc. (CTI) introduces the newest version of their revolutionary SonarWiz software. SonarWiz 5 is a complete data acquisition and survey management system that provides surveyors powerful yet easy to use tools for planning, executing and processing sonar surveys. SonarWiz 5 provides users at all levels with more intuitive features, total control over desktop layout, new reports and new Mosaic export formats.

SonarWiz 5 has a large array of new, advanced and interactive mission and survey planning tools. With an interface designed specifically to follow surveyor workflow, it is easy to master the planning tools which leads to efficient and cost effective survey time on the water. See a sample SonarWiz 5 screenshot below:


Reduce survey costs with the real-time mosaic to confirm seafloor image quality and coverage before leaving the operation area. SonarWiz 5's highly customizable Layout Manager allows users to set up their desktop to meet the job requirements, save preferences and recall them at a later time to use again. This customization will increase user efficiency by saving the layout that suits their needs coupled with the Real-time Mosaic Mode control which gives the surveyor full control over how to manage the real-time generation process.

SonarWiz 5's enhanced change detection tools with a new transparency control provides the user a quick comparison from previous side scan surveys, making target detection faster and easier for port security and MCM bottom change detection missions. This new feature is vital to Navy Route surveys, habitat monitoring and engineering applications that need to access results in a timely manner. Geologists studying sediment transport and engineers monitoring subsea structures will also benefit from these features in time change assessment.

Sophisticated reports can be easily generated combining up to 30 different data formats. SonarWiz 5 is fast and with the new 32-bit displays the mosaics are crisp, clear and sharp. Have a huge project? SonarWiz 5 excels at large mosaics and with the new export formats like Erdas Imagine, and JPEG2000, you will no longer be constrained by the 4GB export file size limit of GeoTiff. Magnetometer data can now be exported in DXF, ESRI Shapefile and Google Earth formats.

With this one comprehensive software suite, users only need to learn one software package and can accomplish all their sonar mapping needs, from data acquisition to post-processing and survey management.

The SonarWiz 5 release date is scheduled for March 9, 2010. CTI has already received pre-release orders for the much anticipated software that has been custom-designed based on customer request and input.

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