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Inspection: VisualSoft releases VisualWorks version 8

Posted on 25.06.2010 - 14:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

VisualSoft releases VisualWorks version 8VisualSoft Ltd, a member of the Triton Group, has recently launched version 8 of its software suite VisualWorks. VisualWorks is a modular suite of applications to record, archive, review and report digital video inspection data.

VisualWorks is designed for any type of video inspection where large volumes of video must be recorded from one or more cameras and synchronized with other data sources. The system caters for both structure and pipeline inspection with minimal configuration to change modes. The system has been integrated into other survey inspection packages such as Eiva NaviEdit and NaviModel and Pisys XPANS-2 The system is now integrated with leading structure inspection packages including COABIS, SCOPE, Inspection Manager and SIMS, and leading survey companies including Acergy and Subsea7 have integrated their own survey software suites with VisualWorks. Far more than just a digital video recorder; our own add-on modules build VisualWorks into a comprehensive, fully integrated inspection suite.

Version 8

Version 8 of VisualWorks provides significant advances in recording, archiving, processing and visualisation. Version 8 has been under development for a long time, and has required some significant changes to the internal workings of the software. Some of these are already apparent, others are not so obvious but will allow further significant improvements in the future.


VisualWorks 8 uses a different licensing method from that used in previous versions. Users should therefore please note that the new version will not run until a new license has been obtained. There will be no charge for this license upgrade for holders of valid licenses on a support contract. It is recommended that users should install the new version at a time of the day/week when they can be certain of a rapid response to a request for new license codes.

Main changes in VisualWorks version 8

High Definition video

• VisualDVR, and VisualEncoder now support recording of High Definition video as either Windows Media Video or MPEG-2 from an Osprey 700e HD card.
• VisualDVR, and VisualEncoder now support recording of High Definition video with overlay as MPEG-2 from an Osprey 700e HD card.
MPEG-2 or WMV from the same hardware
• VisualDVR, and VisualEncoder now support software based MPEG-2 encoding using the Videum Duo and Quatro cards previously used only for Windows Media Video.
• VisualDVR, and VisualEncoder still support MPEG-2 video from Optibase 230 cards.

Configuration wizard & menu editor for VisualDVR

• A new configuration wizard simplifies the process of setting up VisualDVR, guiding users through the selection of appropriate settings
• A menu configuration tool allows users to choose which menu entries they want to see in VisualDVR
• Menu items which are not relevant to the current task can be disabled and will no longer appear
• Default configurations for common situations have been included
• Customised menus choices can be saved for use another time

Backup improvements in VisualArchive

• A new setup for backup devices will streamline the creation and management of backups
• It will be simpler to scale the backup process from a single disk copy right up to multiple tape backups
• Migrating your setup from older versions to version 8 has been automated.
• Tape drives that are already in use will be automatically added as new "Backup Devices" in version 8
• The old "Volume Copy" function has been replaced by "Disk Copy Backup Devices" which now allow different projects to be copied to different disks.

Project Tree refresh change in VisualArchive

• A manual refresh of the Project Tree will no longer put cancelled backup jobs back into the queue. Note that this manual refresh now differs from the automatic refresh run whenever the program starts. The automatic refresh at start-up will still search the entire Project Tree for data and video which has not been backed up, regardless of any previous cancellations.

Data processing improvements in VisualEdit Pro

• A new Video Position table makes it simpler to calculate the location of objects seen on video
• Configuring the Processed Survey table has been simplified with a button to "Add Position Group", comprising Easting, Northing, Depth, KP and DCC
• Creating User Defined Tables has been simplified with a new setup window bringing all required operations into one place
3D visualisation improvements in VisualEdit & VisualReview
• The 3D View in VisualEdit and VisualReview (and the Pro versions of each) has been improved. It now uses better rendering algorithms and allows the user greater control of the colour shading, including the use of user-created colour mapping files.

New VisualEvent Configuration Editor

• The old configuration program is to be replaced by a new version with a simpler, cleaner user interface. In version 8 both the old and new versions are installed. In future software releases the old configuration program will be removed.

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